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“Life in the Bowl” at KINO FRIED CONSPIRACY’s movie night, The Hive Gallery

4/17/2014   今夜はThe Hive Galleryにて月一回のムービーナイトの日でした(毎月第三木曜日)そしてそこで3本の自分の作品をスクリーニングさせてもらいました。その中の一つの短編映画”Life in the Bowl”を久しぶりに人に見てもらい、拍手とコメント、そして感動したとの言葉も頂きました(その言葉にこちらが感動しちゃいます)。そしてイベント終了後には自分の映画の話から人の映画の話、そしてみんなでいい映画をかたり合う場になりました。映画と人の力に映画って本当にいいなって思いました。主催してくれたマルセル、ネイサン、ハイブに感謝。   予告編   I showed 3 of my films tonight at the Hive gallery’s movie night (presented by KINO FRIED CONSPIRACY).  It’s been a while to show one of my films “Life in the Bowl” to people, and I gladly got warm comments and feedback.  I really […]

The Astronaut

4/17/2014   My new piece “The Astronaut” for the Hive Gallery’s LINE ATTACK 3 is now unveiled. The Astronaut 8″ x10″ ink on paper, 2014   I love space and astronaut.   Video of “The Astronaut”. “The Astronaut” filmed by Daisuke Okamoto from Daisuke Okamoto on Vimeo.   LINE ATTACK 3 opens from 5/3-5/3/2014 at […]

59 days to go to Brazil 2014

4/13/2014   Just a couple of month left to go to FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. I cheer up all countries and look forward to great games!   Brazil: Forc,a! A Seleção!   Argentina: Viva Argentina!   France: Allez Les Blues!   Netherlands: Go Oranje!   Italy: Forza Gli Azzurri!   Japan: 頑張れ日本!   Mexico: Viva […]

The Invasion of Los Angeles

4/12/2014     “The Invasion of Los Angeles” 30″ x 22″ ink on paper, 2014   I spent 2 years for this piece and finally finished it for the Hive 9 anniversary show April 2014.   The Bunny Gunner Galley framed my piece and made it look more beautiful.   This piece “The Invasion of […]