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Drops in the Green Cell

New artwork “Drops in the Green Cell(緑の細胞の雫)” 11″ x 14″ ink on paper   I drew this piece to express rain drops which starts permeating into the green cell. 雨が降り、その雫が緑の上にのり緑に浸透し始める様を描いた「緑の細胞の雫」。   Please visit OKAINA IMAGE online shop to get these T-shirts and iPhone case and more stuffs. Thank you for checking it out.   5.31.2013

My Weapons

The pen is mightier than the sword. It’s true.  These are my weapons to create new world to white canvas or paper or three‐dimensional shape. I love these pens and ink!   ペンは剣よりも強し。  


  Please visit official OKAINA IMAGE Tumblr too!         新作の作業経過の写真や新作、ショウの情報、アートビデオやミュージックビデオ などなどアップしますので公式オカイナイメージのタンブラーもお越し下さいね。

Be@rbrick x OKAINA IMAGE

Bear brick x OKAINA IMAGE When I went to Japan Last November, I bought a blank bearbrick and brought it back from there. I customized and made an original OKAINA IMAGE bearbrick. This original bear now is belonged to my friend and artist, Marcel Dejure ( Thank you for having this, Marcel! 🙂 I need more […]

Bizarro Au Go-Go at the Hive Gallery

My next show at the Hive gallery. I made a piece for the show and Bizarro Au Go-Go ukiyoe style. Please come visit the Hive gallery on June 8th!   The Hive Gallery is proud to present: Opening- June 8th 8-11:30PM $5 Suggested Donation for opening show Runs: June 8th- June 29th Featured Artist 1: […]


My first motion animation with my drawing “Healdsberg”. made in 2012 Animation “Healdsberg” work by Daisuke Okamoto from Daisuke Okamoto on Vimeo.   Thank you for watching!