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Psycheros Beetle

6/24/13   Psycheros Beetle (2013) 7″ x 5″ Found in California, USA This piece is for “Paper Trail” Group Show@Monkeyhouse Toys. The show runs through 6/29 – 8/11/2013 I’ll show more arts at this show. Please come join our opening reception on June 29 from 5pm to 8pm. Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery 2874 Rowena […]

Unite: The Battle in the Sky

6/21/13   Unite: The Battle in the Sky (2013) 8″ x 10″ ink & water color on paper In the early 1940s’ during WW II in the pacific, The U.S. and Japan were in a state of war. However, 2 nations had a cease-fire agreement because of the appearance of Kaiju. The world united to […]

New OKAINA products from Society 6

6/3/13 New OKAINA products form online store “Society 6” are available. California and Mexican flag’s T-shirts, laptop skin, and iPhone case.  Please visit here “OKAINA Society 6” to purchase and see more products.   オンラインストアの「Society 6 」からオリジナルのオカイナ商品が購入できます。 新作のカリフォルニア共和国デザインとメキシコの国旗をモチーフにしたノートパソコンスキン、T−シャツ、iPhoneケースなどなどあります。さらに商品を見たいかたらは上のオカイナSociety 6のリンクからどうぞ。

The Cambodia

6/1/13 New piece from Organic Nationalism series “The Cambodia” Kingdom of Cambodia, Phnom Penh 3.5″ x 2.5″ ink on paper The flag of Cambodia has a temple on the flag, and it’s Angkor Wat. A beautiful world heritage. Red represents authority of the Royal Family and blue does loyalty of the nation. Here is the […]