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7/18/13   Old School (2013) 14″ x 11″ ink and colored pencil on paper   Work in progress in 2003-4 I started this piece in 2003 and spent a few months, but I couldn’t finish it. After about 9 and a half years, I opened my old sketchbook and saw this piece again. Right after […]

Thank you! Guatemala & Israel

7/15/13   At Downtown LA ARTWALK, 7/11/13.   Guatemala Time-Lapse of the Guatemala.   Music by Soma Bytes   ISRAEL   Thank you so much! Visit the Hive gallery to see original work of world flags: More world flags here:

Collaboration with

7/5/13   Artisan-Collage x OKAINA IMAGE Original hand made leather products, Artisan-Collage.  We collaborated and made original leather coaster.  More our collaboration products are coming out soon.  Please come check out again.  Thank you.     By the way, it was July 4th yesterday, and I had great July 4th.  Hope you all […]


7/2/13   making a mask   Becoming mechanical   Catwoman’s suits in the background     CATWOMAM (2013) 8″ x 11″ ink on paper   I made this piece for the Hive gallery’s Comic Villain themed show.  I like superheros, but I love villain too.  There are a lot of stylish and elegant design of […]