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“SQUID” T-shirts

OKAINA IMAGE original hand print T-shirts Collection “SQUID” for Unisex AVAILABLE HERE! Size M / L / XL Color White 100%cotton Please let me know if you have a preferred size. Black T-shirts is also coming out soon.

Life of Oceans “The Deep Sea Fish”

2/4   Life of Oceans “The Deep Sea Fish” Life of Oceans “The Deep Sea Fish” work by Daisuke Okamoto 6” x 6” Indian ink on paper   Work in progress

Life of Ocean “The White Fish”

2/2   Life of Oceans Series “The White Fish” work by Daisuke Okamoto 6″ x 6″ Indian ink on paper   New series Life of Ocean is now unveiled! More to come.   Working in progress  

Sir Madam band logo

10/31/14 Sir Madam Rock n Roll Duo From Huntington Beach Website: SIR MADAM BAND from Daisuke Okamoto on Vimeo. Song “Gotcha Wantcha“   I had a chance to create Rock band, Sir Madam’s band logo.  It is very honor to do for great band and friends.  I also made a time-lapse video and used […]

The Orc

10/30/2014   “The Orc” The Orc :: art by Daisuke Okamoto from Daisuke Okamoto on Vimeo.   I made this piece “The Orc,” for Art Fair Japan PLUS + ULTRA 2014 (  I spent about a month to finish this piece and have a video of time-lapse, so hope you enjoy watching how I made […]

Coaster Show 2014@La Luz De Jesus Gallery 9/5

The Coaster Show 2014 at La Luz De Jesus :: Art by Daisuke Okamoto from Daisuke Okamoto on Vimeo. The Coaster Show, Our Annual L.A. Beer Week Tie-In Show & Harold Fox “On the Fringe of the Mundane”   去年に引き続き今回も展示させてもらえる「LA Beer Week:コースターショウ2014」@La Luz De Jesus Gallery ( 。 今回1000枚以上の作品が展示されてるらしいです。La Luzでのオープニングは大盛況のため作品がなかなか見れないと言う事がただあります、でも自分の作品探してきたいと思います(笑)。 今回の展示には4枚のコースターを創りました。オープニングは今週の金曜日9/5の夜8時から11時になります。ぜひお越し下さい!       September […]

The Astronaut

4/17/2014   My new piece “The Astronaut” for the Hive Gallery’s LINE ATTACK 3 is now unveiled. The Astronaut 8″ x10″ ink on paper, 2014   I love space and astronaut.   Video of “The Astronaut”. “The Astronaut” filmed by Daisuke Okamoto from Daisuke Okamoto on Vimeo.   LINE ATTACK 3 opens from 5/3-5/3/2014 at […]

The Invasion of Los Angeles

4/12/2014     “The Invasion of Los Angeles” 30″ x 22″ ink on paper, 2014   I spent 2 years for this piece and finally finished it for the Hive 9 anniversary show April 2014.   The Bunny Gunner Galley framed my piece and made it look more beautiful.   This piece “The Invasion of […]

Work in progress

1/30/2014   Work in progress   It’s been over a year and half since I started this piece. And I still don’t know when I’m going to finish it.   To be continued…   一年半年以上も制作している作品ですがいつ終わるか僕も分かりません。 ちなみにWork in progressは「制作中」です。今後もブログで報告していきますのでまたチェックしてください。  

Alice meets Cheshire Cat

1/17/14   “Alice meets Cheshire Cat” (2014) 5″ x 7″ ink on paper This piece is made for Cheshire Cat show at alice to mamenoki gallery in Koenji, Tokyo Japan from March, 2014. Please visit their website and go visit the gallery if you live around Tokyo area.  It’s one of the best places  […]